Facebook Permissions Issues

Updated 3 years ago by Dan Golder

Since we integrate so heavily with Facebook, we require some permissions from you in order to do work on your pages like:

  • Sending Messages
  • Reading Messages from users
  • Seeing a list of Facebook Pages you have access to 

If you haven't logged in in a while, particularly since before the Facebook Bot embargo in April, there's a good chance that the permissions we need will have changed. 

If you're experiencing any of the following:

  • Not all of your Facebook Pages are showing
  • Can't access the Chat Blaster
  • Can't access the Facebook Comment Guard
  • Get stuck in a loop on the Sign In page

Then please follow these instructions to reset your MobileMonkey permissions on Facebook:

  1. Go to your Facebook settings by clicking the down caret in the header

  2. Find Business Integrations in the side bar and click it to show a list of applications who you've granted permissions:  
  3. Check off MobileMonkey and click Remove
  4. Click Remove on the modal. We don't make posts on your behalf, so no need to check the option. 
  5. Click on Apps and Websites in the sidebar. If MobileMonkey is here as well, remove it following the same procedure.
  6. Log back into MobileMonkey using Facebook, and re-grant the permissions we request.
  7. Navigate to the Settings Page and grant the additional page permissions requested by the page. 

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