Privacy Policy

Mobile Monkey values your privacy, and has therefore created this Privacy Policy to let you know what information is retained about you, how it is shared and with whom. Please note that this policy is set to be compliant with the Israeli law.


How Does Mobile Monkey Collect Personal Information?
Mobile Monkey collects the personal information you provide it, as well as behavioral information based on the use of its clients’ websites.

What Personal Information Does Mobile Monkey Retain?
In order to provide you with the services, Mobile Monkey may retain the following items which relate to you, including your email address, your user agent (browser type, device type, etc.), your IP address, your referring website.

What Non Personal, Statistical Information, Does Mobile Monkey Retain?
Mobile Monkey also processes your information into statistical, aggregated, non-personally identifiable information which may be used in order to generate profiles, analyze trends and improve the services. This includes the pages you viewed, your click stream, the time you spend on Mobile Monkey’s client’s site, and the last time you visited.

What Third Party Services Does Mobile Monkey Use To Process Your Information?
Mobile Monkey uses third party services to process some of your information. Mobile Monkey uses Amazon for web-hosting, and SendGrid for sending emails

Who Has Access To Your Information?
Mobile Monkey uses selected third parties to provide you with the service, and shall share some information with them, under strict confidentiality obligations, to provide you with the services. Moreover, Mobile Monkey’s employees and agents, who are under the most strict confidentiality obligations, also have monitored access to some of your information. Mobile Monkey’s employees undergo casual and routine monitoring. Lastly, your information will be shared with people you specifically ask to share, such as the websites you visited and requested to get calls back.

How Can You Review The Information Retained About You?
You can always review the information Mobile Monkey retained about you by sending an email to

What Can You Do If You Feel Your Privacy Was Invaded?
If you feel your privacy was invaded, please contact Mobile Monkey’s privacy officer at Mobile Monkey’s privacy officer shall inspect the complaint and public periodic reports with aggregated, anonymous data.


Last Updated April 21, 2016.