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What is Mobile Monkey?

By identifying the mobile visitor’s behavior in real time, Mobile Monkey helps sites send personalized call to action messages at the right moment and in the right place within the funnel.

How it works?

By taking just 3 simple steps (without the need for any code or a design team), you can decide on the action you want your mobile visitor to take (call, register, download, click and many more) and watch your conversion rates grow with customized messages to each visitor.

Why do you need this?

Our mission at Mobile Monkey is to bridge the large gap between what mobile visitors are looking for, and what sites have to offer. Through years of A/B testing, managing campaigns and working with many sites to create better mobile experiences, finally, Mobile Monkey offers a way to increase conversions & engagements that delivers high impact results and does not require hours of work and resources.

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Segment by Page

Optimize and upgrade existing campaigns

Customize your splashes to specific pages or groups of pages on your site. Feature certain calls to action on product pages and others on your checkout. Create a certain splash for visitors on your landing page or for all blog pages.

Analytics Integrations

Connect & Leverage existing reporting platforms

Using the platforms you already reporting to, Mobile Monkey integrates seamlessly and automatically to your Google Analytics account. Connect to your existing CRMs, marketing automation platforms and ay reporting system you need.

Timed Appearance

Focus on the audiences that matter most

Delayed Appearance allows you to control at what point of the visitor’s experience does the splasher appear. The splash can appear immediately (with no delay), after 5 seconds of being on a certain page, after the visitor has scrolled down a certain amount of the page, or has reached a certain CSS element in the page.

Personalize according to channels

Boost specific campaign performance

This feature allows you to customize splashes for different traffic sources and specific link campaigns. Create dedicated splashes with matching copy and imagery relevant to certain campaigns and referral sources.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Match your specific ad offerings to your visitors.

Display dynamic content on your splash by simply choosing your preferred parameters. Your splash’s content will be matched to your visitor’s search queries, specific ads clicked on, product title, details and any other parameter you choose.

Powerful Scheduler

Customize according to your team and resources

Use the Scheduler to control when your visitors sees each splash (message). Choose specific days and the exact times you want your splash to appear to your visitors.


Localize and Personalize

Using Mobile Monkey’s advance geolocation segmenter you can choose which specific countries will see one splash and which countries to exclude. Set different splashes based on your target audience around the world and their languages.

For Marketers

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For Agencies

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Solution Partners

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Mobile Marketers

The old rules no longer apply. Digital marketing has gone Mobile.

  • More time is spent on Mobile then Desktop and Tablets combined
  • Over 50% of Paid searches are on Mobile Devices (that’s a lot of Billions of $ in ad spend for those keeping count)

And these trends are expanding rapidly.

A new Focus on Mobile is needed.

  • Mobile is where your customers will find you
  • Mobile is NOT a “Gateway” to Desk Top conversion
  • Mobile visitors are NOT mini-Desk Top visitors

CTA’s need to be Mobile friendly and Personal

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Marketing Agencies

(Digital Marketing for Clients)

Even the best cars need a great driver to win the race. With your expertise and Mobile Monkey tools for Mobile, your clients will see growth in the metric that matters most to them – Conversions.

With Mobile Monkey’s advanced tools for Mobile web you can keep engagement high, conversions growing and create happier clients.

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Solution Partners

Solution Partners

(Software Consultants)

Learn how Partnering with Mobile Monkey can create satisfied clients and a growing Recurring Revenue stream.

Mobile Monkey offers a complete support program and industry leading revenue sharing.

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